3/4-Auto Precise Calm Shell Screen Printer (Economical Type)

Product Description

Compare with AH series machine, Economical Type Clam Shell Printer has following differences:
1. The height of the printing table is lower.
2. The screen frame is inserted from left/right side.
3. Machine body is smaller.
4. Lesser accessories and lower power consumption.
This type of machine is very easy to operate too. 

Printing head: The printing direction is from front to rear (short stroke) and driven by German SEW motor with inverter + precise linear rail and timing belt. The printing stroke is set by sensor. Equip functions of printing/coating speed adjustment, squeegee/coater angle adjustment and printing pressure setting.

Screen frame: The screen frame is inserted from left/right side and fixed by front & rear frame bases. It is adjustable for matching with different frame size. The screen frame height can be adjusted according to the thickness of the substrate. The synchronous off-contact function works during printing.

Printing table: The printing table is constructed by aero-purpose aluminum alloy plate with honeycomb style interior and the surface is coated with hard chromium. Table is with vacuum as well as blow regulator. Equip the micro adjustment for printing table.

Up/down movement of printing arms: Adopt German SEW safety brake motor to control the up/down movement without frame shaking for assuring accurate positioning.

Gripper Take-off system: The take-off unit can be installed either on the left or right side of the machine according to customer’s requirement. This system is driven by German SEW motor with Japanese inverter + precise linear rail and timing belt. The take-off stroke is set by the sensor. The take-off unit can be connected with dryer for drying printed substrate.

Safety: The machine will reverse and stop immediately when the safety bar pressed. With emergency stop button, motor overload protector and control circuit fuse etc.

Printing table size (D*W) mm
870 x 920
920 x 1220
Max. print size (D*W) mm
550 x 700
700 x 1000
Max. frame size (O.D., D*W) mm
950 x 1100
1000 x 1400
Mini. frame size (O.D., D*W) mm
470 x 470
500 x 510
Screen frame height (mm)
Substrate thickness (mm)
Printing table height from ground (mm)
Printing/coating speed (mm/sec.)
Max. capacity (full speed & full stroke)
Squeegee/coater angle adjustment
Table micro adjustment X/Y (mm)
Power source
3 phase, 220/380V 50/60HZ
Power consumption (KW)
Air pressure
Machine dimension W*D*H (cm)
Weight (KGS)

UV dryer is optional

Application: Suitable for printing non-deforming products such as nameplate, FPC board, membrane switch, dashboard, sticker, PVC sheet, transfer paper … etc. and the UV varnish.