Automatic Hot Air Wicket Dryer

Product Description

● The lowering type crossover-bridge can be connected with automatic or 3/4-auto screen printing machine. It’s easier for
   correcting and cleaning the screen frame. 
● Wickets: Adopt high grade round steel material and fix by welding, formed by the oil pressure. The wickets are all with antirust
● PLC for synchronously running with automatic cylinder screen printing machine. (optional)
● Automatic clamps for holding substrates during transmission. And the substrates will be released at the delivery and collected
   by the collecting tray after one cycle. (optional)
● The strength of the cooling fans is adjustable.
● Structure of hot section: double layer insulation, side checking door, blowing motor with speed adjuster, exhaust ducting hole.

Max. substrate size (mm)
720 x 520
800 x 600
1050 x 750
1160 x 830
Each module Length (mm)
Wicket no. of each module
3/4” chain: 256 Pcs ( inlet + rear = 84pcs) ; 1” chain: 192 Pcs (inlet + rear =74 Pcs)
Power source
3∮ 220V/380V 50/60HZ
Max. temperature
Remarks: the 3/4” chain type without clamps for the wicket.
Optional items:    (1) Machine length
                              (2) Higher temperature
                              (3) Clamps for the wickets
                              (4) PLC for connecting with automatic screen printing machine
                              (5) Stainless steel wickets

Suitable for drying plastic card, name plate, membrane switch, plastic hang tag, sticker, transfer paper etc. after screen printed.